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  1. Iranian Strategy in Syria Iran has conducted an extensive, expensive, and integrated effort to keep President Bashar al Assad in power as long as possible while setting conditions to retain its ability to use Syrian territory and assets to pursue its regional interests should Assad fall.

  2. Iran's Denial and Deception at Parchin The Iranian regime’s refusal to provide the IAEA access to certain nuclear-related facilities and personnel is one element of a broader denial-and-deception campaign intended to obscure its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.

  3. IRGC Shows Its (True) Hand in Syria Iran has been deploying training teams to Syria, drawn from some of its elite regular combat formations, similar in some respects to the advisory units the U.S. has sent to help train Iraqi and Afghan forces.

  4. Iranian Regime Exerts Pressure on Green Movement As Iran's presidential election draws near, it appears there is an effort underway to rekindle a national debate about the regime’s legitimacy, prompting a series of harsh reactions from regime officials.

  5. Quds Force Commander and Candidate: Gholamreza Baghbani A review of Brigadier General Gholamreza Baghbani's career trajectory solidifies a pattern of generational change in the IRGC QF in which former QF field operatives are pursing prominent political and advisory positions.

  6. Strait Talk with Iran The U.S. should make clear to Tehran that closing shipping lanes won't be tolerated.

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  1. Khamenei's Team of Rivals: Iranian Decision-Making, June-July 2014 American strategies that rely on severe tensions within Iran’s senior leadership or that imagine that Rouhani is somehow seriously at odds with the Supreme Leader and the IRGC on foreign, defense, or nuclear policy are likely to fail.

  2. Iranian Response to the Iraq Crisis: June 13 - July 23, 2014 Between June 13 and July 23, 2014, deployed IRGC forces and advisers, led by Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani continued their efforts to shore up ISF, protect Shi’a shrines, and coordinate activities throughout central Iraq against IS.


Introduction to the most relevant people, places, and events associated with Iran.

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  1. Backgrounder

    Islamic Republic of Iran Understand the founding and basis of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  2. Backgrounder

    Political Structures of Iran Understand the key institutions and power centers within the Iranian regime.

Iran News Round Up

A selection of the latest news stories and editorials published in Iranian news outlets

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  1. Iran News Round Up September 19, 2014

    Government officials begin policy responses to country-wide water crisis; Senior member of Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia gives detailed account of operations against ISIS to Iranian state media; Head of Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia political group calls the international coalition against ISIS without Iran a failure; Iranian officials reject cooperation with the US against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); Intensive P5+1 negotiations begin in New York; Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to hold "technical meeting" regarding suspected weaponization program.

  2. Iran News Round Up September 18, 2014

    President Rouhani interviews with NBC correspondent in Tehran; Foreign ministry censures US-led coalition against ISIS; Unnamed source claims that the recently reported downed Israeli drone originated from Azerbaijan; Army Ground Forces Commander announces plans to unveil new weaponry; IRGC commander reassures domestic audience of Iran's border security; Iraqi President criticizes international body for not inviting Iran to Paris conference.

  3. Iran News Round Up September 17, 2014

    Senior cleric criticizes US-led coalition against ISIS; Senior security official calls coalition members "authors" of ISIS; President Rouhani set to attend upcoming UNGA session in New York; Nuclear talks begin in New York; Official announces that there are no changes or setbacks in construction efforts at the Arak nuclear reactor