Frederick W. Kagan
Christopher DeMuth Chair
Director, Critical Threats Project 
His work on related threats can be found on

Maseh Zarif
Deputy Director, Critical Threats Project 
Iran Team Lead

Mehrdad Moarefian
Analyst, Critical Threats Project
IRGC Project Lead

Katherine Zimmerman
Critical Threats Project Senior Analyst
Al Qaeda and Associated Movements Team Lead

For work on related threats, please visit

Outside Contributors

Danielle Pletka
AEI Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies

Michael Rubin
AEI Resident Scholar

Ali Alfoneh
AEI Resident Fellow

Roger Noriega
AEI Visiting Fellow 

Ahmad Majidyar
AEI Senior Research Associate  

Phil Alito

Marisa Cochrane Sullivan
Deputy Director, Institute for the Study of War 

Stephen Blank


Ariel Farrar-Wellman 

Brianna Rosen

Charlie Szrom

Katherine Faley

Will Fulton

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