Foreign Relations

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The Iranian regime’s recalcitrant nuclear activity and hegemonic regional ambitions have increasingly isolated the Islamic Republic from its Persian Gulf neighbors and the international community more broadly. This has compelled Iran to foster new alliances with countries in Asia, South America, and Africa. In the wake of the Arab spring in 2011, Iran has also put forth a sustained effort to project its influence and exploit the unrest using diplomatic, economic, and military means. Monitoring Iran’s international relations thus becomes critical to mapping the Islamic Republic’s evolving position in the world and the regime’s goals for the future.

The following pages contain summary analyses of Iran's foreign relations with the world's nations. Historical details have been included in some instances for context, but the primary focus of these pages is the current status of Iran's relations. To that end, the Critical Threats Project staff have compiled recent, relevant open-source data points and organized them into four categories: nuclear, economic, diplomatic, and military (where applicable). These data are displayed below the analyses to provide supporting detail and will be updated periodically.