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Carlo Gavazzi Space S.p.A.-Iranian Space Agency, Satellite


Italy's Carlo Gavassi SpA has built two Mesbeh communications satellites for Iran's Space Agency since 2003.  The first Mesbeh was destroyed in a mishap in 2005.  The Italian firm has denied recent pronouncements by Iran that it will aid Iran's Space Agency in launching another satellite by the end of 2009.  As part of the contract, Italy transfered aerospace technology to the Iranian Space Agency.  In a January 2010 article, Giulio Meotti alleged that Carlo Gavassi also gave technical assisstance to Iran and transfered aerospace technology.   


Italy's Foreign Ministry responded to Mr. Meotti's article by noting that Italian authorities rejected Carlo Gavassi's request for export permits for the Mesbeh satellites.  Furthermore, the second phase of the Mesbeh program (Mesbeh-2) never went beyond the planning stage.




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  • Discussion Date: Wed, 2009-11-11
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