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Royal Dutch Shell - Iran, South Pars 13-14


According to Press TV, following talks in summer and autumn 2009, Royal Dutch Shell was close to finalizing negotiations concerning their participation in South Pars Phase 13 and 14. Shell signed on with Spanish firm Repsol in 2002 to develop the giant gas field, and further contracted to invest in Persian LNG, using gas from South Pars to create LNG for export. The current status of this project is unclear given Royal Dutch Shell's recent announcement that it will halt gasoline sales to Iran. The project appears to be on hold as Iran has issued an ultimatum to Royal Dutch Shell and Repsol to make a decision soon. On June 6, 2010, Iran announced that it had ended negotiations with Royal Dutch Shell and has handed the gas phases over to a domestic consortium. Despite this handover, Iran has indicated to Shell that it is willing to reopen negotiations and has offered to introduce the company to contractors with whom they could work with.


  • Current Status:
  • Discussion Date: Mon, 2009-12-07
  • Contract Date:
  • Completion Date:


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