Iran News Round Up

Commander of the IRGC says Lebanese Hezbollah's January 28 response to the Israeli airstrike in Syria which killed Hezbollah and IRGC members was as Iran's own response; Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah dismisses claims that the nuclear negotiations limit LH's response to the attack; IRGC Qods Force Commander purportedly met with Nasrallah 48 hours after the Israeli airstrike
<p>The Supreme Leader&#39;s Senior Foreign Policy Advisor met with Russian President Putin to promote enhanced joint economic and defense cooperation. Iran and the EU-3 held extensive nuclear negotiations in Turkey, while Foreign Minister Zarif pushed back against critics of the P5+1 talks.</p>
Qods Force Deputy Commander asserts America's inability to exert hard power on Iran and attributes Tehran's seat in nuclear negotiations table to its missile power; 80 Parliamentarians sign a legal motion proposing a contingency plan against increased sanctions; Officials express anger with Germany over criticism of Iran's human rights; Tehran and Moscow "serious about reaching deal."
Tehran warns Washington that Israel crossed "red line" with airstrike in Syria; Senior military officials attend commemoration ceremony for fallen general; Officials warn of retaliation against Israel; Defense Minister praises the jihadi spirit of young scientists.
IRGC general attributes victories in Iraq to Qods Force Commander; Official reiterates intents and plans to arm the West Bank and start a new front in the conflict against Israel; Parliamentarian states enrichment will increase if new sanctions are imposed; IRGC deputy commander says al Houthis in Yemen were inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Bilateral US-Iran nuclear talks take place in Zurich; Oil Minister Zanganeh announces that construction of oil refineries will continue despite falling oil prices; Criticism of nuclear negotiating team continues.
Foreign Ministry implores Yemeni parties and movements to honor September peace agreement; Former Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi receives five year sentence for corruption charges; IRGC Brigadier General Majid Mir Ahmadi says Hezbollah's response to Israel's January 18 airstrike will be "hard" and "painful."
Officials threaten Israel after death of IRGC general and Lebanese Hezbollah; President Rouhani condemns both terrorism and religious satire; Iran pressures Russia to deliver S-300 missiles; Foreign Minister Zarif meets with Afghan counterpart.
IRGC General killed in Syria by Israeli airstrike; Tehran and Moscow sign a defense and military cooperation deal; Deputy Foreign Minister announces support for Houthis in Yemen; Parliament Speaker says liberation of Palestine is necessary for the Islamic world; Navy commander says Iran will continue to have a naval presence in the north Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.
Supreme Leader states "petropolitics" are an enemy ploy; Deput Qods Force Commander says US led coalition against ISIL is a ploy against Iran; Bilateral talks between US and Iran take place ahead of negotiations in Geneva.