Iran News Round Up

Conference held on negotiations; Defense Minister asserts missiles are off the negotiating table; IRGC Brig. Gen. states media's mission is to show the people's steadfastness against the West; Senate torture report exposes hypocrisy of US leaders; Parliament Speaker to visit Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon next week.
<p><em>President calls for improved Tehran-Ankara relations; multi-service exercises to take place I the Persian Gulf next week; Chief of Staff of the Office of the Supreme Leader highlights Iran&rsquo;s conventional military power; Velayati calls Sydney hostage-taking incident a vulgar plan to gain intelligence; Turkish president to visit Tehran next month.</em></p>
President Rouhani praises Syria for fighting "foreign conspiracies" and terrorism; AFGS Headquarters Chief points to Saudi Arabia's increased oil production as an attempt to financially pressure Iran in the anti-ISIL fight; Parliament Speaker censures US-led coalition against ISIL; Judiciary Head calls on US to act in according with international law regarding Senate CIA torture report
Senior official and IRGC commander calls Quds Force Commander "savior of Iraq"; IRGC Commander says IRGC relations with Rouhani are "very good"; Lead investigator of government corruption case says embezzled funds may be greater than current estimates; Defense Minister announces regime's plans to sell arms to "friendly" countries; Iran and the US resumed bilateral talks ahead of tomorrow's P5+1 nuclear negotiations
Velayati says Iran has major influence in Lebanon and Yemen, and that its missiles are non-negotiable; Mohsen Rezaei envisages lower than predicted oil prices regardless of sanctions; AEOI promises Iran won't inject gas into IR8 centrifuges during negotiations; Artesh Navy commander says Iranian Navy will be in Atlantic Ocean "soon."
Senior officials condemn US human rights violations; Parliamentarian calls for transparency measures; Iran and P5+1 talks set to resume next week
Foreign Policy Advisor to the Supreme Leader highlights Iran's relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan; Tehran reiterates policy on Persian Gulf islands; Foreign Ministry and Parliament respond to release of US Senate report on CIA torture program; Hamas leader likely to visit Iran
Deputy Foreign Minister highlights Iran's regional influence; Tehran and Islamabad sign bilateral agreements; Parliament approves 2% minimum of budget for defense; Iraqi Foreign Minister praises Iran for its supported and criticizes the US' "slow" response;Central Bank announces plan to combat sanctions
President Rouhani meets with Syrian Foreign Minister; Former government officials arrested for fraud; Nuclear agency spokesman says purchases made for Arak reactor are legal; Defense Minister reiterates Iran's regional influence; Economy Minister meets with Pakistani Primier; Hamas delegation arrives in Tehran
President Rouhani emphasizes need to counter state-level corruption; Supreme Leader calls for government-wide implementation of counter-fraud measures; IRGC Deputy Commander says Yemen's Ansar Allah is indication of the success of the Islamic Revolution; 145 professors sign open letter praising IRGC Quds Force Commander; Iran and Mexico sign memorandum of understanding