Iran News Round Up

Senior IRGC Commander speaks on sidelines of memorial ceremony; Quds Force Commander says US strategy against ISIL will "fail" IRGC Ground Forces Deputy Commander says IRGC plays an advisory role in Iraq Syria; Iran unveils new radar systems; Senior officials meet with Lebanese defense minister; Senior nuclear negotiator briefs parliament on P5+1 talks, announcing US has accepted 4,000 operational centrifuges
International Affairs Deputy to Office of the Supreme Leader praises Yemen's armed resistance; IRGC commander censures US-led coalition against ISIL; Defense minister meets with Lebanese counterpart in Tehran; Iraqi prime minister scheduled to arrive in Tehran next week; IRGC commander reportedly killed by rebel forces in Syria
IRGC Deputy Commander touts Islamic Republic’s strength; Supreme Leader's representative in the IRGC says Iran's borders stretch to Lebanon and the Mediterranean; Supreme Leader meets with Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary-General in Tehran; MP says Saudi Arabia is "frightened" by Iranian influence in Yemen; Negotiators conclude Nuclear talks in Vienna
President Rouhani claims economic recovery and expresses confidence in reaching a comprehensive nuclear deal; Iran and Russia hold joint naval exercise in Caspian Sea and strike financial agreement; Officials meet in Vienna for nuclear negotiations; Senior Lebanese Hezbollah official welcomes arming of Lebanese Army; Iranian and Western figures attend Iran-Europe Forum held in London to discuss investment opportunities in Iran post-sanctions
Supreme Leader calls for unified Muslim world; Senior officials respond to Saudi foreign minister's criticism of Iran's regional efforts; Seven law enforcement members die in plane crash; Senior Iraqi Hezbollah official says US forces will be targeted in Iraq; Nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 kick off
Supreme Leader hikes mountains in Northern Tehran; Senior MP says sanctions will not impede technological advancements; Law enforcement commander announces the arrest of 14 individuals linked to Saravan attacks; Iran and Turkey discuss Syrian crisis; Senior nuclear negotiator announces framework of upcoming talks with P5+1
Officials claim that terrorists ambushed Iranian officers along the Pakistan border; Senior MP and former IRGC commander says Pakistan has "no control" of its border; Parliament speaker slams US-led coalition against ISIL; Senior intelligence official says that viewing tourists as “spies” harms “national” interests; Lebanese Hezbollah Deputy says yesterday’s attack against Israel is indicator of readiness to fight, despite engagements in the Levant; Senior nuclear official says Iran is not obligated to grant visas to IAEA employees
President Rouhani calls for social stability and economic growth; Qods Force Deputy Commander touts Iran's regional influence; Parliament speaker says Iran plays vital role in combating terrorism; Iranian ambassador to Damascus praises Syrian "popular forces" as a Basij model of resistance; Nuclear negotiations set to resume on October 15 in Vienna
President Rouhani reiterates need to remove political barriers in universities; IRGC commander confirms Iran's operations lead in Syria; Law Enforcement Forces Commander denounces state sponsors of terrorism; Head of the intelligence ministry briefs parliament on agency's annual report
Senior cleric censures British Prime Minister Cameron's statements; IRGC commander says Iranian efforts in Iraq and Syria are "coordinated" with Baghdad and Damascus; Quds Force Commander reportedly spotted with Kurdish Peshmerga forces; President Rouhani calls Afghan President; IAEA officials arrive in Tehran; European Union General Court annuls a number of sanctions