Iran News Round Up

Guardian Council Secretary-General Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati defended the council’s controversial post-elections disqualification of reformist politician Minoo Khaleghi.
The IRGC 25th Karbala Division’s forces in Syria have reportedly returned to Iran after suffering heavy losses south of Aleppo.
Over 13 IRGC 25th Karbala Division members were killed and 21 were wounded during an opposition offensive on the town of Khan Tuman located south of Aleppo. Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani vowed retaliation for the attack.
A National Iranian Oil Company official claimed that Iran’s current daily oil production has reached a level that Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh previously deemed appropriate for an oil freeze.
Iranian media reported the deaths of two IRGC soldiers who died in clashes, allegedly with Kurdish insurgents, in northwestern Iran.
A Foreign Ministry official voiced Iran’s support for Russia’s call to designate Syrian opposition groups Ahrar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam as terrorist organizations.
President Hassan Rouhani called for greater freedom of expression in a speech marking World Press Freedom Day.
Reformists and moderates fell short of winning a majority in Parliament after the April 29 runoff elections. Their plurality in Parliament nonetheless ensures that President Hassan Rouhani will face a friendlier parliament in the run-up to the 2017 presidential elections.
Parliamentary runoff elections were held today. The results are expected to be announced over the weekend.
Senior Military Advisor to the Supreme Leader Yahya Rahim Safavi stated that Iran should reconsider its relationship with Turkey.