Iran News Round Up

Military commander announces increased border security measures in the West and East; Official partially retracts statement on ISIL fulfilling a condition for the Mahdi's coming
Iranian and Iraqi officials deny IRGC presence in Iraq; Qom issues fatwa against ISIL; Iraqi Shi'a militant group unveils "Muqtada One"; missile; Rouhani administration to develop naval forces through private sector; Tehran Stock Exchange falls in anticipation of fundamentally transformative events
Khamenei to limit Iranian involvement in Iraq to "counsel and advice"; Senior Iranian cleric issues call for jihad; Iran evacuates pilgrims from Iraq; Iraqi Hezbollah Brigade reportedly clears road leading to Samarra
Officials discuss the crisis in Iraq as the latest in a series of plots spanning years to overthrow the Islamic Republic; Nuclear negotiators report "limited" progress on the last day of talks in Vienna; Head of Iran’s atomic agency says IAEA should end queries regarding detonators; Grand Ayatollah Sistani warns against the formation of paramilitary groups outside "the legal framework" in Iraq; Oil Minister announced that $20 billion is needed to operationalize South Pars gas field projects
Iraqi Shi'a militant group its Syria campaign and deploys to Iraq; Khamenei's senior foreign policy advisor discusses Iraq and future strategic relations with China; Senior official says Supreme Leader does not "enter details" of ongoing nuclear negotiations; Senior IRGC commanders form veterans committee
Officials reject cooperation with the US against ISIL; Iran and P5+1 begin drafting a final nuclear deal; High-ranking commanders and officials gather for the funeral of father-in-law to the IRGC Commander; Senior IRGC commander said Syria and Iraq prove the importance of ground warfare
Grand Ayatollah Sistani calls for Iraqi volunteers to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Levant; Deputy Intelligence minister announces the arrest of 30 ISIS affiliates in Iran; Senior nuclear official says Iran will return to 20 percent enrichment if talks fail
IRGC deputy commander vows that Islamic State of Iraq and Levant will be defeated; President Rouhani calls Iraqi PM to pledge Iranian support; Senior nuclear official resurfaces Arak reactor proposal; Iran receives sixth tranche of frozen assets; Iran Navy vessels docks in Tanzania
Senior officials respond to deteriorating security in Iraq, increase border security; Oil minister says crude oil exports up to 1.5 million bpd; Senior IRGC commander emphasized need for enhanced information technology for armed forces; Nuclear negotiator says 12 hour talks with US officials were positive; MP criticizes IRGC "meddling" in intelligence ministry affairs and politics
Iranian and American officials hold second day of bilateral nuclear talks; Khamenei's representative to IRGC says Syria is "front line" for Iranian national security; Iran to host Caspian Sea conference; Iraqi Shia MP posts photo of himself meeting with IRGC Quds Force Commander