Iran News Round Up

IRGC commanders and parliamentarian respond to Foreign Minister's comments on Iranian security
Tehran denies reports of Iran-led airstrikes in Iraq; Iranian ambassador's residence in Yemen targeted with car bomb; Oil Minister criticizes OPEC's decision to maintain current oil prices; IRGC Commander responds to Foreign Minister's remarks on nuclear negotiations
Foreign Minister says core structure of Iran's nuclear program will not be dismantled; IRGC commander denies US-Iran cooperation to combat ISIL; Parliament Speaker will travel to Pakistan; Parliament delegation visits Mexico; Head of Combatant Clergy Association announced
The Supreme Leader tells armed forces to buildup "irrespective" of negotiations; IRGC Deputy Commander says West Bank will become "hell" for Zionists; Foreign Minister underscores importance of regional coordination against Zionist regime; IRGC member killed while fighting in Syria
IRGC Commander attributes Yemeni revolution to Islamic Republic values; Senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader reiterates assertion that ISIL is a tool used by the US and its allies; Basij Commander hopes volunteer forces (Basijis) will reach 30 million by 2015; Three Iranian border guards killed in Sistan va Baluchistan; President Rouhani's nominee for Minister of Science Research and Technology receives vote of confidence
President Rouhani states centrifuges will continue to spin; Parliament Speaker says extending nuclear negotiations is "wise"; Foreign Ministry calls for closer Tehran-Ankara cooperation on Syria; Supreme Leader's senior advisor reiterates Iran's pledge to support Palestine; Central Bank receives $2.8 billion in frozen assets
IRGC Commander says US "surrender" to regime's will is apparent; Senior official criticizes President Obama on sanctions timeline; Quds Force Commander reportedly helps lead major operation in Iraq; President Rouhani speaks with Russian counterpart; Nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 extended until July 1, 2015
IRGC Deputy Commander echoes the Supreme Leader's assertion that the US created ISIL; Deputy Foreign Minister highlights regime's regional influence; Foreign Minister Zarif, EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton, and Secretary of State Kerry hold trilateral talks in Vienna
President Rouhani calls on P5+1 to avoid making "excessive demands"; Parliament Speaker says prolonged negotiations work against the US; Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Head says Russia's pledge to construct water reactors strengthens Tehran's negotiations position in Vienna; Senior IRGC commander claims US provides ISIL with intelligence; Secretary Kerry scheduled to attend current round of nuclear talks
Zarif said the November 24 deadline will be a "victory for Iran" regardless of a final deal with the P5+1, while Ayatollah Amoli Sadegh Larijani declared that the nation stands behind the nuclear negotiations team. Iran-backed AAH warns against American forces entering Iraq. Foreign Minister Zarif said Iran would emerge victorious whether or not a final nuclear deal is secured in Vienna. IRGC Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari also said that the US seeks to negotiate with Iran in order to solve its own regional problems. Their remarks reflects the regime's conceptualization of the negotiations as successful recognition of its regional influence and conventional military power. Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) Representative to Iran Hojjat al-Eslam Jabar Rajabi said that "We [AAH] told the Iraqi parliament that American ground forces cannot enter Iraq except with [its] permission, of course," and further that AAH is coordinating with the Iraqi Parliament against ISIL. This represents AAH's attempt to institutionalize refusal of further American military aid in Iraq.