Iran News Round Up

IRGC Commander reiterates Supreme Leader's assertion that US "formed ISIS"; Foreign Minister travels to New York for nuclear talks with P5+1; President Rouhani meets with North Korean foreign minister; Senior official criticizes imposed sanctions and US efforts in combating terrorism; Senior officials criticize US-led coalition against ISIS
Supreme Leader reiterated opposition to cooperating with the US in fighting ISIS; Senior official calls President Obama's ISIS strategy of "unilateral policy" Supreme Leader issues red lines for upcoming nuclear talks with P5+1
Iranian officials condemn Israeli airstrikes; Rouhani administration released economic policies to spur growth and reduce inflation
Basij commander says that the U.S. is attempting to "loot" Iran's blocked assets abroad; Senior official threatens to resume 20% enrichment if nuclear demands are unmet; Iraqi official reportedly claims that the Islamic State (IS) has acquired a small quantity of radioactive material
Senior officials issue warning against Kurdish Independence; Foreign ministry denies reports claiming Iran has supplied Iraq with aricrafts
Iranian pilot killed in Iraq; Denial of secret talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia; Foreign Ministry spokeswoman reiterated commitment to unified Iraq.
Iranian forces spotted near Kurdish border; Cleric states ISIS is meant to deflect opinion away from Israel; Deputy Foreign Minister denies Iran's willingness to lower number of centrifuges; Funeral for three martyrs killed in Syria.
Iran may settle for fewer centrifuges; Sixth round of nuclear negotiations begin; Foreign Minister Zarif discusses the complexity of the negotiations.
One thousand Shia militants enter Samarra to defend shrine; MP rejects cooperation with the US; Kurdish leaders emphasize cooperation with Shias and Iran; Cleric rejects Saudi issuance of death sentence.
Iraqi Shia militias join forced to defend shrine in Samarra; MP states resolve to maintain a unified Iraq; law enforcement commander asserts that Iran's borders are secure and Islami State militants have not entered Iran; Deputy Foreign Minister reaffirms Iran's commitment to Iraq