Iran News Round Up

Head of atomic agency acknowledges 20% uranium stockpile is input for non-existent product; IRGC Commander announces that the Corps is awaiting Rouhani's invite to participate in economy; LEF Commander says country does not have evidence on execution of border guard
Senior IRGC official discusses nuclear negotiations and Quds Forces involvement in Syria; President Rouhani and Sharif have telephone conversation; Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah condemn destruction of Shi'a shrine in Syria; Iran inaugurated first natural gas export floating terminal
Khamenei warns against losing Iran-Iraq War values; Foreign Minister denies claim that IRGC was prevented from taking action against Pakistan-based militants; Former IRGC commander accuses Saudi Arabia of sponsoring terrorist group; More than $6 billion in state assets reportedly privatized in the past month
Senior official criticizes draft of Citizen Rights Charter; Official announces measure to transform Jask port into "second oil export" center of the country; Senior IRGC official praises efforts of cultural program; Kidnapped border guard killed in Pakistan
Former senior IRGC commander slams Western position in Ukraine; Nearly one-third of oil and gas export revenue allocated to "National Expansion Fund" under budget law; Khamenei's representative to the Artesh warns of "cultural invasion"
Khamenei said culture is more vital than economy in New Year's address; Senior official expresses optimism on nuclear talks; Khamenei's representative to IRGC Navy Forces claimed preservation of culture is a fundamental duty of the Corps; Senior diplomat looks forward to improved relations with Riyadh
Officials reiterate Arak heavy water reactor activities will not cease; Khamenei's representative to the Quds Force emphasized Supreme Leader's cultural concerns; President Rouhani called creation of social stability most important administrative achievement so far; Iran closes border with Pakistan; Iranian Energy Exchange to begin trading crude oil
Senior official said Iran can resume 20% enrichment in a matter of hours; Interior Minister announces plans to hold the 2016 Parliamentary elections electronically; Khamenei's representative to the IRGC said that the West seeks to force cultural change in Iran; Oil Minister claims crude oil production will increase to 4 million barrels per day in 2014-2015
Rouhani and Putin have telephone conversation; Senior official announces that Supreme Leader has been fully involved in nuclear negotiations; Parliament takes steps towards implementation of Khamenei's "resistance economy"
Officials intensify criticism of Rouhani administration; Tense exchange in Parliament between MP and Intelligence Minister; Iran and Oman release joint statement on Iran's pledge to a final nuclear accord with P5+1