Iran News Round Up

President of Venezuela meets with Supreme Leader and President Rouhani and discusses falling oil prices and increasing cooperation; Reformist MP states that arrest of presidential candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi was unconstitutional; IRGC Commander boasts of Islamic Republic's global reach and states that Iran must be in conflict with "oppressive powers"; Basij commander killed in Samarra, Iraq.
Supreme Leader reiterates call for Islamic unity; Deputy Foreign Minister underscores Iran's commitment to Palestine. Iran and the US to hold talks on January 14, ahead of the P5+1 nuclear negotiations on January 18.
Tehran hosts Islamic Unity Conference; Cleric and Parliamentarian criticize President Rouhani's proposed referendum; Foreign Ministry condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris; LEF Commander says Iran is mainstay of regional security; Hardliner Parliamentarian rejects all compromises concerning nuclear centrifuges
Supreme Leader says he is "not against the nuclear talks"; but that Iran should not and cannot trust the West; IRGC brigadier general reiterates the Supreme Leader's call to "arm the West Bank like Gaza"; Ali SNSAC Secretary says NATO's departure from Afghanistan would allow for renewed Iran-Afghanistan cooperation; AFGS Headquarters Deputy repudiates renewal of relations with US.
Foreign Minister says "wise" foreign policy helps Iran's image in the international arena; Artesh Ground Forces Commander marks 40km zone inside Iraq's border as ISIL redline; Hadi al-Ameri praises Qods Force Commander Maj. Gen. Soleimani; Bilateral talks between Iran and the US scheduled for sidelines of January 18 P5+1 negotiations.
President Hassan Rouhani states that "the basis of foreign policy debate is interests rather than principles or ideals"; IRGC Qods Force Commander and Badr Organization Head attend memorial services for IRGC Brigadier General killed in Samarra; Iran and Yemen called for improved ties; IRGC captures terrorists in southeast region; Artesh Navy repels pirate attack against Iranian oil tanker off southern coast of Yemen
IRGC Deputy Commander reiterates Tehran's commitment to the government of Baghdad; Senior cleric warns of seditionist's plots to gain influence in Parliament; Iranian ambassador calls for enhanced economic relations between Tehran-Sana'a
President Rouhani praised the armed forces during the closing ceremony for the Mohammad Rasoul-Allah exercises and said, sanctions and threats will not bring Iran to its knees; Iran and Iraq sign MOU to bolster defensive cooperation; Foreign Ministry censures newly imposed sanctions by the US; Tehran receives $490 million in frozen assets from South Korea, per P5+1 nuclear agreement
Foreign Ministry denied reports of potential Iran-US talks to reopen embassies in Tehran and Washington; IRGC Commander condoles the death of IRGC Brigadier General killed in Iraq; Defense Minister meets with Iraqi counterpart; Iran's large-scale military exercises continue with cruise missile launches
Senior IRGC official killed in Samarra, Iraq; Supreme Audit Court calls purported government withdrawal "an obvious violation of law"; 3 IRGC members killed along Iran-Pakistan border; senior IRGC official compares Ansar Allah to Lebanese Hezbollah; Parliament Speaker meets Iraqi Kurdistan president.