Iran News Round Up

Supreme Leader addresses Iranian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, calling for Muslim unity; Senior cleric praises President Rouhani for UNGA speech; Senior nuclear official expresses concern about "espionage" in IAEA; Palestinian Red Crescent receives Iranian medical aid shipment
President Rouhani calls for integration of Iran into global economy; Senior military commander calls Prime Minister Netanyahu "America's rabid dog";Parliament Speaker censures US Middle East policies; IAEA officials set to arrive in Tehran next week
Senior Artesh commander says US intelligence is politically motivated and influenced by Israel; Judiciary head calls for enhanced internet security measures; IRGC commander says plans are underway to construct new combat drone; Senior security official meets with Palestinian leaders in Damascus
Supreme National Security Council Secretary travels to Beirut and Damascus; President Rouhani censures US-led sanctions during interview on Russian network; Senior foreign policy adviser to the Supreme Leader travels to China; Foreign Minister announces plans to resume nuclear negotiations with the P5+1
IRGC Air Force Commander reiterates origins of recently downed drone; IRGC commander says Iran provides advisory assistance to Iraq and regional partners; Quds Force Commander touts Iran's regional resistance strategy; President Rouhani travels to Russia
Senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader calls Iran "strongest" force against terrorism; Deputy foreign minister reiterates President Rouhani's speech on extremism; Iran's representative to the IAEA censures Israel's nuclear arsenal; Basij Organization calls on Iranians to pledge support for rebuilding Gaza
President Rouhani pledges full support to Iraqi Prime Minister in fight against ISIS; Foreign ministry spokeswoman blames England for regional crises; Deputy Foreign Minister denies reports of the release of kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Yemen; Iran and China hold joint naval exercise in Persian Gulf
Supreme Leader addresses senior military commanders on lessons from Iran-Iraq war; Parliament Speaker censures US airstrikes; Iraqi President says Iran's role in resolving ISIS threat is crucial; President Rouhani says US cannot sustain sanctions regime; Iran and Russia sign agricultural agreement
President Rouhani reiterates that no plan is in place to meet with President Obama in New York; IRGC Commander touts Iranian military capabilities; Deputy foreign minister criticizes US airstrikes; Iran unveils new combat drone; Iranian and Kuwaiti officials participate in political committee in Tehran
Iranian armed forces held a massive parade and unveiled several new weapons systems; Iran-Saudi Arabia continue diplomatic talks, setting the stage for President Rouhani's potential trip to Riyadh next month; Artesh Navy Commander announced plans for joint naval exercises with Chinese navy; Senior military advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei touted Iran’s regional reach and America’s waning hard power, also discussed previous military cooperation with the US in Afghanistan, calling Americans "dishonest"; Supreme Leader outlines comprehensive science and technology policies