Iran’s Soft Power in Iraq

Shi'a Muslims on pilgrimage at the Husayn Mosque in Karbala, Iraq (Photo by SFC Larry E. Johns, USA, available at Wikimedia Commons)


In addition to hard power, Iran uses the soft power of its considerable political, economic, and religious influence to pursue its national interests in Iraq.

Post-Election Citizen Arrests & Detentions

(Image: Scene of protest in Tehran, by .faramarz, available at flickr)

Since the Iranian presidential elections on June 12, numerous Iranian citizens have reportedly been arrested, detained, or gone missing. Below are the names of such individuals, followed by a list of citizens reportedly released by government authorities.


Bernard Hourcade on the Crisis in Iran

We have translated and posted here a question-and-answer session between Bernard Hourcade, direcctor of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, on the crisis in Iran.


Letter from Iran: General Strike on Tuesday June 23

Disclaimer: We post this letter from an individual in Iran who wishes to remain anonymous. We make no claims to the authenticity, veracity, or source of the information.



News agency of students supporting the civil movement in Iran

Supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, supporters of Mehdi Karrubi, supporters of Mohsen Rezai, and all friends who long for justice,