Ahmadinejad in West Africa: What Iranian Outreach to the Region Reveals about Tehran’s Foreign Policy

Sign denoting Iranian agricultural aid project in Ghana, December 2007 (photo by hiyori13, available on Flickr).


Iran's nuclear and foreign policies rely upon a worldview that takes confidence from the support lent Tehran by allies in the developing world. In a new report examining Iranian outreach to West Africa, the Critical Threats Project examines how Iran executes its foreign policy and the priorities it values in its partners.


Iranian Influence in Afghanistan: Imam Khomeini Relief Committee

Border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan (Photo by Alpenmilch, available at wikimedia commons)

This is the first in a series of AEI Middle Eastern Outlooks documenting Iran's growing influence in Afghanistan.

Iran-Turkey Economic Relations: What Their Rapid Growth Means for Iran’s Nuclear Program

Recep Erdogan speaking at the 2009 World Economic Forum (photo by the World Economic Forum, available at


Key Points

Deterrence Misapplied: Challenges in Containing a Nuclear Iran

In this working paper for the Council on Foreign Relations, Frederick W. Kagan examines the deterrence model from a theoretical and historical perspective and assesses whether a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran would be deterrable. The full text of the paper can be downloaded below or accessed here.

Iran Has Designs on Iraq

 Vice President Joe Biden recently told Larry King that Iraq "could be one of the great achievements of this administration." Mr. Biden's transparent attempt to take credit for Bush administration policies aside, it's worth asking how exactly does the Obama administration define success in Iraq?

February 11, 2010: A Challenge to the Regime 31 Years On

(A post-2009 election scene in Tehran, anonymous photographer, posted by user 27389271, available at flickr)

Structural Patronage in Iran: Implications of Subsidies Reform for Iran and U.S. Policy

Bazaar in Esfahan, Iran (Photo by Desmond Kavanagh, available at Flickr)

Escalating Confrontation on Ashura

Tehran in night vision (photo by M@mad, available at Wikimedia Commons).