Waziristan Ground Operation Coverage (Pakistan October 2009)

The Critical Threats team has amassed here all of our coverage on the ongoing ground operation in Waziristan. Please check back for frequent updates.

The Critical Threats team has prepared a briefing on the ongoing ground operation in Waziristan, examining the timeline of events leading to the operation, the Pakistani force breakdown, the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) structure and key players, the role of other players, the details of the fight on each of the three fronts day-by-day, the potential effect on the war in Afghanistan, among other factors.

Hugo Chávez's Criminal Nuclear Network: A Grave and Growing Threat

Hugo Chávez's criminal activities, long the bane of his neighbors in the Americas, have now extended to Iran, where he is aiding that regime's pursuit of nuclear weapons. The U.S. policy of averting our eyes so as not to give him the attention he craves must change. The Obama administration needs to strengthen ties with the friends in the region, bring Chávez's partnerships with Iran to the attention of the United Nations (UN), and engage the Venezuelan people to confront the threat Chávez poses.

Iran's September

Mazandaran province, Northern Iran (Photo by Hamed Saber, available at flickr) 

Government Re-Shuffling in Iran

(Photo by Scr47chy, available at Flickr)

Joanna Palmer and James Coady contributed to this report.



Iranian Influence in Afghanistan: Recent Developments

Herat (Photo by Wien Sven Dirks, available at Wikimedia Commons)

Background and Aftermath of Mass Trials in Iran

 Tehran (photo by kamshots, available at flickr)

Iran’s Soft Power in Iraq

Shi'a Muslims on pilgrimage at the Husayn Mosque in Karbala, Iraq (Photo by SFC Larry E. Johns, USA, available at Wikimedia Commons)


In addition to hard power, Iran uses the soft power of its considerable political, economic, and religious influence to pursue its national interests in Iraq.