Iran-Turkey Economic Relations: What Their Rapid Growth Means for Iran’s Nuclear Program

Recep Erdogan speaking at the 2009 World Economic Forum (photo by the World Economic Forum, available at


Key Points

Afghanistan-Iran Foreign Relations

Flag of Afghanistan (Available at Wikimedia Commons)

Gasoline Sanctions on Iran: How Will Tehran Respond?

A woman stands in the middle of Haft-e Tir Square in Tehran. (Photo by kamshots, available at Flickr)


Enemy Reactions to the US Strategy and Force-Sizing Options

 As the Obama administration considers its strategic approach and future resource levels in Afghanistan, CTP Director Frederick W. Kagan and Kimberly Kagan (Institute for the Study of War) have produced a second report, Enemy Reactions to the US Strategy and Force Sizing Options, considering how enemy groups and other stakeholders in Afghanistan and Pakistan would respond to several US Policy scenarios:

A Comprehensive Strategy for Afghanistan: Afghanistan Force Requirements

U.S. Arm Sgt. Robert Newman near Zabul, Afghanistan (Photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini,, available at flickr)

The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Hakimullah Mehsud Takes Power in the TTP

Pakistani military outpost on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border (Photo by talkradionews, available at Flickr)


Iranian Influence in Afghanistan: Recent Developments

Herat (Photo by Wien Sven Dirks, available at Wikimedia Commons)

Pakistan Security Brief - August 21, 2009

Pakistan Security Brief – August 21, 2009 

The Sri Lankan military has agreed to train Pakistani security forces in counterinsurgency techniques; a top Pakistani official claimed that over ninety percent of internally displaced persons had returned to their homes; a drone struck targets near Miram Shah in North Waziristan, where the Haqqani network is believed to maintain hideouts.

A Thorn in the Side of the Taliban: Turkistan Bhittani Biography and Analysis

Border crossing into the FATA, July 2008 (Photo by Reza Jan)