Egypt-Iran Foreign Relations

Flag of Egypt (Available at Wikimedia Commons)

Mousavi - Ahmadinejad June 3 Presidential Debate Transcript

A statue adorned with green, the color of Mir-Hossein Mousavi's campaign, sits amid a supporters' rally on June 8, 2009. (Photo by Shahram Sharif, available at Flickr)


Iranian Media Reaction to Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech

Flags at the UN in Geneva (Photo by lilivanili, available at Flickr).

Iran-Hamas Relationship in 2008

(Image: HAMAS campaign rally in Ramallah, by Hoheit, available at Wikimedia Commons)


Iran-Lebanese Hezbollah Relationship in 2008

Flag of Hezbollah (Available at Wikimedia Commons)

Military Activities

Iran, and particularly the Quds Force, a unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has built active relationships with terrorist groups from Lebanon to Palestine to Iraq. These ties, though not new, have increased in recent years as Iran has attempted to influence the course of recent Middle Eastern conflicts through arms, funding, training, and other assets provided to partners such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Special Groups in Iraq.

This section outlines the contours of the Iran-Hezbollah and the Iran-Hamas relationships as well as Iranian military activities in Iraq since 2003.

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