Internal Divisions Mask External Unity

Highway into Tehran (photo available at Wikimedia Commons)

February 11, 2010: A Challenge to the Regime 31 Years On

(A post-2009 election scene in Tehran, anonymous photographer, posted by user 27389271, available at flickr)

Escalating Confrontation on Ashura

Tehran in night vision (photo by M@mad, available at Wikimedia Commons).


Surviving Dissent: Assessing Recent Demonstrations in Iran

(Photo by martinbowling, available at Flickr)

Iran's September

Mazandaran province, Northern Iran (Photo by Hamed Saber, available at flickr) 

Government Re-Shuffling in Iran

(Photo by Scr47chy, available at Flickr)

Joanna Palmer and James Coady contributed to this report.



The Trials Continue: Defection Not an Option

Milad Tower, Tehran (photo taken by Hamed Saber, available at flickr)


Background and Aftermath of Mass Trials in Iran

 Tehran (photo by kamshots, available at flickr)