North Korea

China-Iran Ties: Assessment and Implications for U.S. Policy

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates meets with Chinese defense ministry officials in January 2011. (Photo by Air Force Master Sgt. Jerry Morrison,

Syria-Iran Foreign Relations

Flag of Syria (Available at Wikimedia Commons)

[Further analysis on Iran-Syria relations: Iranian support for Syrian repression during the Arab Spring]

North Korea-Iran Foreign Relations

Flag of North Korea (Available at Wikimedia Commons)
Reaction to June 2009 Iranian Presidential Election:

Estimates for Hezbollah's Arsenal

Weapons seized off the Francop, bound for Hezbollah militants in Lebanon.
(Photo by IDF spokesperson.  Available at Wikimedia.)
2010 Total Arsenal Estimates
2006 Arsenal Composition
Recently Intercepted Arms Shipments

Gasoline Sanctions on Iran: How Will Tehran Respond?

A woman stands in the middle of Haft-e Tir Square in Tehran. (Photo by kamshots, available at Flickr)


Iran Policy: Sanctioned Individuals & Entities

U.S. Department of the Treasury Building (photo by tomasland, available at flickr).

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U.S. Policy Toward Iran's Nuclear Program

(Oval Office, Official White House photo by Pete Souza)